Absolute reconciliation ministries

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Absolute Reconciliation Ministries is a ministry promoting the absolute love of God to accomplish all that He wills. It also declares that God saved all mankind and not just all kinds of men but every man.

He accomplished the salvation of all by His Son for it was God in Christ reconciling the world and it was done while we were yet sinners. A condition God accomplished for us and without our help.

Absolute Reconciliation means the totality of all things was made right and it was accomplished by the sole power and authority of God without the assistance of another demonstrating God and His power of Redemption for all creation. Do we have a God who saves SOME, MANY or ALL?

Is God's will involved in man's choices and even though man may choose wrongly is God still able to bring about His plan for all men?

Is my eternal destiny solely dependent on my faith and belief or HIS FAITH AND HIS BELIEF?


Our perception of God determines how we respond to Him, to His Word, and to other men. We try to make God fit into our current doctrines, beliefs and understandings ABOUT Him rather than letting our relationship with God define our doctrines, beliefs, and understanding from KNOWING Him.

The traditional church services do not seem to go far enough in teaching us it is relationship with God rather than knowledge about Him that gives us the real picture of Father God. Also, we have been taught that God hates sin and can not be in its presence. Are we really just sinners saved by grace or did God do something more?

But we forget it was God who went after Adam and Eve. Sin did not deter Him. His holiness did not cause Him to cast them to hell. It is the holiness of God that allows Him to come to where man is and it is that holiness that envelops all sin and all of our failures and completely removes their effects bringing us to where He is.

Knowing God as Father produces trust. Trust in God that He will manifest all the traits that are inherent in the name "Father" including care, protection, and love.