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Mike & Beth Clegg
Absolute Reconciliation Ministries Heber Springs, AR www.absolute-reconciliation.org

We both, being raised in eastern Arkansas, grew up up in traditional protestant churches and during this time many tenets of traditional church doctrine were brought into question such as once saved always saved, the rapture, and the age of accountability. These questions although harmless, initiated deeper study and caused several upsets in traditional church life.

Our journey intensified in 1982 when Beth and I lost our firstborn child. We had well meaning family and friends tell us God needed an angel so He took our son, or God in His mercy saved us from some horrible fate that our son would experience should he had lived. At this point we realized that was not a God that we wanted to know or worship. We did not go AWOL on God but we did put off our religious suit for a while. We began to study and seek God and we began to know Him and His ways in a different way realizing our picture of Him my not have been very accurate.

We came to realize He was loving, inclusive to all men making them His own, and the Gospel was not believe and be saved but you are saved so believe! We also came to understand it was acceptable to know God by experience rather than what had been written about Him. That is not a sacrilegious statement for many people read the Bible all their life and yet never experience God. Words may tell us about Him but do not adequately convey the love of God only His love reflected from our heart to others can do that.

A primary focus at this time for us is knowing God rightly. We have said God is so holy and untouchable and because of sin, He cannot look at His creation when this is far from the truth. God is Holy and that holiness is not tainted by our sin but His holiness envelopes our sin consuming it and removing it from us. The holiness of God does not keep Him away from us but draws us to Him fully bringing us into Himself. We have presented a mis take of the image of God. We have made that image from doctrine rather that from the Christ who represents Him. It is as if we are looking at God through circus mirrors distorting the true reflection of God and more to our detriment, how we perceive God to be is how we respond to each other in that if we think He is sin seeking then we are quick to bring judgment to our fellowman. So, getting a true picture of God and His Christ is an ongoing passion in presenting the Gospel for all mankind.

A few years ago I asked God to let me hear His heartbeat. This request brought about more changes and challenges. Now, we are enjoying the journey in that we don't have to fight the devil, there is no begging in prayer, or fear about what the world is coming to. We don't have to defend Him in doctrine and we can be at peace knowing He is orchestrating His plan for us. Yes, we still want to hear His heartbeat more and more and we both think that request is still changing us and for that we are grateful.

We have been married over 30 years and operate a ministerial website detailing the absolute reconciliation of all men by Father God. We conduct occasional home meetings and take part in various conferences enjoying all types of ministry realizing it takes the full body to bring about God's heart in demonstration of love to His creation. Mike holds ordination with Interfaith Baptist Convention and a Bachelors of Arts in Theology degree awarded in June 2011 from Corner Stone University of Lake Charles, Louisiana. Beth has ministered at conferences around the area and is skilled at getting to the heart of the matter on issues that women face in life and turning the focus away from the problem and to the Christ in them.