Death immortality resurrection


In my personal study of death, immortality, and resurrection it seems I must peel back the layers of my previous beliefs to integrate what I now understand about God and His character. It seems I must strip away what ever denominational line of thought I subscribed to at the time in order to follow the flow of surviving concepts. The beginning foundation of all religions tends to hinge on the fear and dread of death and the hope of a possible afterlife. Inside these layers which are our doctrinal beliefs, experiences, traditions, culture, and the conflicts that exist within these parameters; rest our concepts of the soul, immortality, and eternal punishment. As these ideas take root becoming our faith so also develops in parallel our view of God and our understanding of death is formed as we experience it.

This is by no means exhaustive nor was it intended to be but is simply a map my journey moving through duality to having a more cohesive understanding of death, immortality, and resurrection. I would very much like to hear your comments.