Fearless fellowship with our father

Our father's heart

Our Father's Heart states that the greatest need for man is to know who he is in Christ and how God looks upon him. For far to long the church has asked, Is God able? And will He? It is time for creation to proclaim in word and demonstration that He has! The awareness of sin in the believer has caused an improper and erroneous concept of God. OUR PERCEPTION OF GOD DETERMINES OUR RESPONSE TO HIM. If we think...

Our father's motive

What is Father Gods motive in His redemptive plan for man and creation? A motive is a purpose that causes motion or incites one to action. It moves the will causing a choice to be made out of an emotion. An emotion from the heart of Father God caused Him to move...

Our father's character

Character, as defined by An American Dictionary of the English Language by Noah Webster, 1839 Edition is the traits or qualities that set the one being spoken about apart, actually defining the individual. Character depicts someones qualities whether good or bad. It is how you know someone. Is Gods character one you can trust