God and man: the perichoresis

Mike Clegg, 2012

What if we could take a step outside of our life's experiences? What if we could see the full orchestra of God's plan in a way that we could comprehend it? What would we see? Would we see a God who has lost control to a devil or would we see a beautiful musical masterpiece in which God has brought in many notes containing wholes and halves, and highs and lows to bring about a plan that originated first in His mindthen displayed through His heart? What if we could see God's idea of us and for us? We can!

God placed all men in Adam and through our eyes it seemed like a failure for how could sin and death be acceptable in His plan? Even all that went wrong according to our understanding we most often fail to see God's continual interferences. We are aware of the expulsion from the garden and we are quick to say it was because God did not want man to partake of the tree of life and be forever in a state of death. But are we equally aware that God went with mankind when they left? At no time was the human race left alone and there was no separation but only that perceived by man. The separation was an illusiona distortion of reality by the senses.

Just as God placed all of mankind in the earthy Adam; He then placed all of mankind in the last Adamthe life giving Spirit. In the ending of the old Adamic race which identified us with sin and death, God brought man into a new racethe race of Christ identifying us with God's life. Christ who not only being the last Adam is also God's original thought of man or in other words, the man that God saw in His Logos, His intentin His mind. The last Adam who Eph 4:13 refers to as the perfect man came to unveil God's authentic thought about us. Because of our inclusion in the Christ we can no longer be identified by 'the fall of Adam' or by sin and death. Jesus, in his becoming the Christ, exemplified the true union of God and man demonstrating a union without separation, division, or confusiona perfect portrait of the divine dance of God and man.

The Greek term perichoresis is a word that means 'to dance (chorea) around (peri)'. Although it is often used in trinitarian explanations I find the richer meaning as used in the operation of God in which He is the choreographer and simultaneously the lead dancer. When Jesus asserts his union with God in the Gospel of John saying he and the Father are one; we are also included in that union. This intricately orchestrated dance is inclusive of all of us. God is beautifully fulfilling what He has seen in His mind in the Logos that become flesh. This incarnation of the intent of God, first in Jesus then us, manifested and brought to reality the indwelling operation of God nullifying our false perception of separation. Also, this intent of the incarnation was not a band-aid for the fall but was God's intent all along and can be seen as Elohim says Let us make man in our image and after our likeness... We cannot be separated from God or He from us.

Choreography which literally means 'dance writing' is a dance that tells a story and as we realize God's story is ours we see the main focus of the dance is concentrically centered in love, relationship, and union. In God's story mankind is not a spectator; he is not observing the dance of God but is fully invited in or more correctly pulled into the 'dance writing' of God because it is also our story. Man's steps may effect the various outcome of the scenes by either enhancing or detracting from the rhythm of God but the overall beauty of the symphony is protected in God's Plan.

But what about sin or the appearance of death and destruction that entered creation? What about the groans of creation in Romans chapter eight? When mankind steps out of the dance or experiences a miss-step it is simply a minor disruption of the beauty and rhythm of the dance story for a moment in time. It is not permanent because in the Christ, God enters and restores the rhythm again for usthe Rhythm of Grace. This restoration of the dance is permanent and universal and as we enter the dance with all of our heart we begin to see the choreographythe dance writing of His plan that unites us with Him so intensely that when we look into the Christ we see ourselves reflected in the Father's eyes. It is then our illusion gives way to realitywe all belong to Him.

Mike Clegg May-June 2012 Absolute Reconciliation Ministries, Heber Springs, AR 72543