The Divine Intention

We are unable to fully walk in the finished work of Christ because we keep trying to finish His work.

The above quote seems to point to the reason many cant accept, refuse to accept, or do not want to accept the ultimate redemption of all men.

This work is a brief synopsis of ABSOLUTE RECONCILIATION, (also called Biblical Universal salvation, Infinite Grace, or Gospel of Inclusion and other titles), complied from many exceptional works written by ministers who have studied this topic and my personal study.

One who accepts Biblical Universalism is one who has found God to be big enough, loving enough, powerful enough, wise enough, and resourceful enough to be ultimately sovereign enough to rule over all His creationand not just part of it such as those who merely "accept Him in their heart. This person believes that God in His plan did in fact save the entire world and that all who were dead in Adam will be made alive through the work God Himself did in and through Christ.

Please take and edit or expand this text for your personal study and perhaps this writing can serve as a springboard for others studying the limitless scope of Gods redemption for His creation. Please email your thoughts as I would appreciate them for further personal study.